İLGİ Veterinary Clinic was founded in 2009 in Antalya. Until 2021, the clinic did not change its location, and being located in the center of Antalya, it provided its services throughout the region. In 2021, İLGİ received the status of “Polyclinic”.

Due to the dramatic increase in demand for veterinary services and the lack of resources of the existing facility, İLGİ Veterinary Clinic moved to a new multi-story complex in 2022, becoming a multi-functional animal hospital.

The hospital employs two veterinarians, four on-duty veterinarians, two veterinary technicians, a pet groomer and an administrator.

İLGİ Veterinary Clinic – your choice for pet care in Antalya! Our doctors are true experts in caring for the health of your furry friend. İLGİ Veterinary Clinic – where care and professionalism meet to make your pet’s life fun and healthy.

Our veterinary clinic has a convenient location and provides its services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

In-house laboratory and a full range of equipment for research and high-precision diagnostics.

Veterinary hospital and pet hotel, spacious pet cages, comfortable conditions, round-the-clock supervision.

Our veterinarians carry out their work with true love, exceptional care and attention to your furry friends.